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Six amazing vegan-friendly restaurants located in cool places

On a trip to Paris in the early 1990s I was once served a plate of grated carrot as a starter, swiftly followed by a plate of lettuce, complete with an artistic swirl of vinaigrette, as the main course. The restaurant didn’t know what to do with me. Apart from the comedy value, it was a culinary disaster saved only by the beautiful historic surroundings of the River Seine.

As I travel to cities in Europe and the US for my work, I like to take a moment to visit a local site of interest, see a famous building or discover a long-lost fact about an old street. I also like to eat. It just so happens I am a vegan, so my restaurant choices are limited but it has rarely been a problem. In fact, in many instances it has been inspirational, not just for the quality of food and service but for their location and ambiance.

Here, in no particular order of preference, are six of my favourite vegan-friendly eateries in locations of cultural interest.


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